WHOLESALE The Skull w/ Rhinestones Pocketing Fashion Leg Wear Size: S:1 M:2 L:2 XL:1

Item No.: 823LG005_BLK
UPC Code: 847727023413
Detail Description: Size: S:1 M:2 L:2 XL:1
Color: Black

The Skull w/ Rhinestones pocketing is an epic pair of designer boutique pants. It's everything that your looking for in a premium pair of pants at an affordable pricing. There is a 1 1/2 inch soft velvet waistband with a 9 1/2 inch mid raise. The Skull fashion leggings is constructed with premium stonewashed denim fabric. The Highlights of the skull pants are the back pockets construction design. Very sleek, sexy, and contemporary. If you like velvet, rhinestones and customized pocketing construction then look no further. These are a must.
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